Volunteering Program​

SRAS and the shelter animals would not thrive without the help of our many generous volunteers. The shelter operates 365 days of the year and as long as there are animals to care for we will need the help of good people willing to share their time and talent to help the animals in need.

Volunteer opportunities include cleaning the facility, kennel care, dishes, laundry, dog walking, animal enrichment, administrative support, event support and more. There is literally something to do that will fit into any schedule and any skill level.

You must be at least 16-years-old to volunteer at our shelter with a signed parental waiver. If you’re under 16 years of age, you’re welcome to come with your parent or guardian to socialize animals during our regular hours. We do prefer if you’d like to walk dogs that you call in advance to schedule a specific time to do so, to work around feeding and cleaning times. Please contact us at 208-523-4219 to schedule your time today! 

Doggy Day Date Program

We have an exciting program that allows our pups to get some much-needed socialization AND provide you with doggy kisses, cuddles, and sincere appreciation for your time. This program allows you to take a shelter dog out for a “date” (1-4 hours) or even an overnight at your home. We will provide food, a leash, treats, and anything else you’ll need to make your time meaningful. You can learn more by viewing our Doggy Day Date manual here or by calling us at 208-523-4219.