Stray Animals (Lost/Found)​​

Snake River Animal Shelter will not be accepting any lost or found animals. Any animal that comes into Snake River Animal Shelter that does not have an owner will be taken directly to Idaho Falls Animal Shelter upon arrival. However Snake River Animal Shelter will provide any assistance needed to those who have lost or found an animal by providing a lost and found system. Our goal is to help any lost animal be returned to their rightful owner.  Any person that brings in an animal that is not theirs will be scanned for a microchip and then will be asked to take the animal to the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter.

Lost Pet:
Call all surrounding Animal Shelters and Humane Society’s and file a lost pet report.

  • Idaho Falls Animal Shelter 208-612-8670
  • Bonneville Humane Society 208-529-9725
  • Humane Society of Upper Valley 208-682-4788
  • Helping Animals Rescue Team (HART) 208-317-6102
  • Pocatello Animal Shelter 208-234-6156
  • Bannock Humane Society 208-232-0371
  • Blackfoot Animal Shelter 208-785-6897

Post online in local groups with a picture, description, date/ time, and location of where last seen

  • Put up posters in area of last seen

Found Pet:

  • Call local Animal Shelter and give a found pet report.
  • Take animal to local veterinarian or animal shelter to scan for microchip.
  • Post online in local groups with a picture, description, date/time, and location of where pet was found. (Remember to leave out some key details to make sure the person can identify animal completely before turning animal over).
  • You can always take the animal to Idaho Falls Animal Services if you cannot take care of animal while looking for rightful owners, they are located at 2450 Hemmert Ave, Idaho Falls.

Remember to ALWAYS have a collar with some kind of identification tag securely on it. Microchips are also another great way to identify your animal. It is a rice size chip that goes underneath the skin in between the shoulder blades. It is an invisible identification tag that cannot be lost like collars and tags. It is NOT a tracking device. WE DO MICROCHIPPING!