Stray Animals (Lost/Found)​​

Snake River Animal Shelter (SRAS) would like see stray animals returned to their owners. Though we cannot accept stray animals from the public, unless they have been located within the City of Ammon (see below), we can help by scanning the animal for a microchip and check any lost reports we may have. All other stray animals should be reported the law enforcement entity that governs the area in which the dog was located. Please consider any advice they may give for the next steps in helping the animal be returned to its home. Our goal is to help any lost animal be returned to their rightful owner, but even we need to work through local law enforcement to help any stray animals.

City of Ammon Lost / Stray Animals: 
Snake River Animal Shelter is the rescue location for stray or lost animals found within the City of Ammon boundaries. If you have found an animal in Ammon, call Bonneville County Dispatch at 208-529-1200 to report it and ask for an incident number (if you’re going to bring us the pet) or ask for an officer to be dispatched to pick up the animal.

Please double check the jurisdiction by using this map! It’s quick and easy. 

If you’re an Ammon resident who has lost their pet, please check our Facebook page to see if its been posted, as we place an image there within minutes of arrival. 

Lost Pet:
1. We have partnered with Petco Love Lost and encourage those who have lost or found an animal to visit their website to post the animal. It only takes about two minutes!

2. You can call surrounding Animal Shelters and see if they have picked up your animal or had it turned in. 

  • Idaho Falls Animal Shelter *208-612-8670

  • Bonneville Humane Society *208-529-9725

  • Humane Society of Upper Valley *208-682-4788

  • Pocatello Animal Shelter *208-234-6156

  • Bannock Humane Society *208-232-0371

  • Blackfoot Animal Shelter *208-785-6897

3. Post online in local social media groups with a picture, description, date/ time, and location of where last seen. (Make sure to follow up on those posts and check for any found reports). You can also post on the phone app “Next Door.” 

Found Pet:
1. Go to Petco Love Lost and report that you’ve found an animal.

2. Call local animal shelters and see if the animal has been reported lost.

3. Take animal to local veterinarian, emergency vet, or animal shelter to scan for microchip.

4. Post online in local groups with a picture, description, date/time, and location of where pet was found. (Remember to leave out some key details to make sure the person can identify animal completely before turning animal over).

5. If you cannot take care of animal while looking for rightful owners, contact your local law enforcement for the options that may be


  • Idaho Falls Animal Shelter *208-612- 8670 (regular hours)
  • Idaho Falls Police Dispatch *208-529-1200 (after hours)
  • City of Ammon *208-612-4000
  • Bonneville County Animal Control *208-529-1350 ext. 1310
  • City of Ucon Police Department *208-523-3971
  • Ririe City Hall *208-538-5548
  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office *208-745-9210
  • City of Rexburg (Animal Shelter) *208-359-3005
  • Madison County Sheriff’s Office *208-372-5000
  • Shelley Animal Control *208-357-3446
  • Blackfoot Animal Shelter *208-785-6897
  • Pocatello Animal Services *208-234-6156
  • City of Chubbuck Animal Services *208-239-3249
  • Driggs Animal Shelter *208-354-3499

To help prevent your animal(s) from getting lost, remember to ALWAYS have a collar with some kind of identification tag securely attached to it. A microchip (small rice-sized chip inserted underneath the skin, in-between the shoulder blades), is also another great way to identify your animal. It’s an invisible identification tag that cannot be lost like collars and tags, and is NOT a tracking device.