Owner Surrenders​

The Snake River Animal Shelter is a non-profit shelter and will gladly accept owner surrenders provided space is available and the animal passes our evaluations for an adoptable pet. We do have the right to refuse any animal we do not see fit as an adoptable animal. All animals must pass our evaluations before we will accept them as owner surrender. We can rarely accept sick, injured, or dangerous animals due to capacity for care.



Owner Surrender Fees are as follows:

Cat – NOT spayed/neutered = $40

Cat – already spayed/neutered = $30

Litter of Kittens (up to 6) = $60

Litter of Kittens (7+ cats) = $75

Dog – NOT spayed/neutered = $50

Dog – already spayed/neutered = $40

Litter of Puppies (up to 4) = $75

Litter of Puppies (4+ pups) = $90