Dog Training​

Idaho K-9 Academy

 The Snake River Animal Shelter has recently launched the Idaho K-9 Academy, a dog behavioral training program that will serve shelter animals, owned dogs and veterans and individuals with disabilities.

This new program will offer basic training and behavioral training for shelter dogs and peoples pets in our brand-new training center located at SRAS at 3000 Lindsay Blvd, in Idaho Falls. We will also be offering group basic training classes through CEI which will be located at SRAS as well. Through this exciting new program we will also be able to serve individuals suffering from PTSD or other disabilities through training ADA certified service dogs at a fraction of the typical cost.

If you are interested in registering your pup for this new program please contact SRAS at 208-523-4219 to be added to the class list today! You can even give the gift of training to friends or family who own a beloved pet that needs a little training support.