Dog Safe

The Dog Safe program is another new program supported by the Snake River Animal Shelter, designed to educate, provide equipment and provide support for dog owners with outside dogs. The program launches December 2, 2019 with a mission to simply make better homes for dogs. The Snake River Animal Shelter believes every dog deserves a comfortable home protected from the elements and we know pet owners want the same thing, so we offer dog houses and electric bowls for outside dogs at no cost to their owners.


It’s important to know that a dog’s fur coat is much like the winter coats that we use to cover our body. Their fur coat is not warm enough to be subjected to prolonged periods of freezing temperatures. Your pet’s toes, nose, and ears are even more vulnerable to chilly temps and can become frost-bitten easily. For a rule of thumb only leave them outside as long as we humans can tolerate being outside in the cold. That’s why, in winter, pets need protection from extreme temperatures, which includes warm, dry, draft-free shelter; plenty of food; and lots of water. If we can help provide any of those things for an animal you know is in need, please just let us know by calling 208-523-4219