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Your gift to the animals save lives!

The SRAS membership program was designed to provide our animal-loving friends a way to help the animals in need through a monthly contribution.  

Costs to take care of our animals continue to rise and we need your help to continue providing quality care for every animal that comes to our facility. We’re currently saving nearly 1,000 animals per year and unfortunately, more and more are coming to us with additional medical needs.

With your help, our animals will always have what they need. Choose the gift level that is right for you and help save a life today! Donations will automatically be deducted from your account each month. 

Meet Sallie.

Sallie was surrendered to us after her senior owner became unable to care for her. We worked closely with the family members that Sallie was entrusted to in search of the right home. Their family hoped for an "open adoption" in which the new adopter would provide updates to the former owner. We found the perfect fit: a woman who had lost her husband and son recently and began pouring her heart (and love) into rescuing small dogs on her large property. Sallie got along perfectly with her other senior pups and was thrilled for the chance to build a relationship with the former owners.

Meet Knight.

Knight was found under a dumpster behind a local restaurant. He was severely wounded and taken into the emergency vet for immediate attention. He eventually came to us after he was stabilized and our team provided him with additional vet care and a foster home until he fully recovered.

We were able to provide consistent treatment thanks to the generous donations provided by our donors.

Meet Jasper.

Jasper came to us after losing nearly 30 lbs. from severe kennel stress and was going to be euthanized at a shelter in the region. He had become so desperate to escape that he ripped out his own toenails. Our team quickly went to work to find Jasper a foster home, get him immediate medical care, and save his life. We accomplished this within 24 hours of being notified of his plight. Thanks to our Guardian Angel donors, we knew that we had the funds to provide him with specialized care upon arrival and staff who could find the right foster home. His new name is Asher & he's in a new & thriving!

Membership Benefits:
  • $10 off an adoption (may use once per year!).
  • $25 off any Idaho K9 Academy 5-week training session.
  • One free Cat Yoga class each year. 
  • Highlighted on our upcoming “Members” website page.

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