Our Staff

Kristin Sanger

Executive Director

Originally from Oregon, Kristin Sanger has a background in small business as an owner/operator for over 15 years with a focus on marketing and business management. Kristin’s previous experience as an Executive Director was in Community Development and non-profit management with an emphasis in serving small business. Kristin has received several community service awards: the Mayor’s Recognition for Valuable Service and Heart of the City Award in Anchorage, Alaska, the Distinguished Service Award in Cottage Grove, OR and most recently Kristin helped her organization win the Non-Profit in Excellence Award from the State of Idaho Non-Profit Center. She rescued her first animal at 6 years old and hasn’t been able to get it out of her system ever since. Kristin is grateful to partner her business acumen with rescue in order to serve the animals in need.

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Anthony Rodriguez

Operations Manager

Anthony is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado and is new to SRAS. His faithful companion Nubbs, is a rescue from Colorado. Anthony has a long history in business management and ownership. He spent the last decade learning dog behavior while managing two doggy daycares and boarding facilities. This lead to the creation of a dog rescue specializing in rehabilitation and training. The rescue he created uses new and exciting techniques to help place and keep animals in their new forever home. As a passionate animal advocate, he believes that the future in animal rescue should be conducted with compassion and caring and that all animals deserve a home. SRAS is grateful to have Anthony help us fulfill our mission to serve the animals in need.

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Wendi Finlayson

Executive Assistant

Wendi was born in Soda Springs, Idaho and has a degree in Business Finance along with experience in advertisement and small business management. She had two dogs of her own, one of which she adopted from SRAS.  Wendi not only helps keep our books on track but she also produces almost all of the SRAS marketing material and advertising for our Social Media platforms.  She is super talented and keeps the animals in need at the forefront of the SRAS brand. She is the quiet behind the scenes resource that never seeks any accolades, she helps make SRAS great! Wendi loves all animals and is happy to be a part of the Snake River Animal Shelter team!

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Coby Voronovich

Idaho K-9 Academy Director

Coby offers basic behavioral training, group dog training and specialized service dog training for Veterans and individuals with disabilities. He has quite a pack of his own at home with three dogs and two cats, all rescues. Coby has loved and owned dogs since the day he was born. He has spent the last 2 years learning dog behavior and received his Master Dog Trainer Certification from Highland Canine Training, LLC. Coby has a natural gift for training dogs and is a huge asset to SRAS in helping to keep animals in their homes. He has devoted his life to rescue and is determined to save as many lives as he possibly can!

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Madison Hymas

Dog Technician

Madison was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She adopted her dog, Honey, from SRAS. Madison has loved animals ever since she was a little girl and is affectionately labeled the “Dog Whisperer” at SRAS. She is also our only licensed Vet Tech on staff. Madison says it’s her dream to help save as many animals as she can and give them a good life.  She also admits to secretly wanting to own a skunk someday. SRAS is fortunate to have Madison on staff to help care for the daily needs of the animals in our care.

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Candice Jones

Cat Technician

Candice is a native of Idaho Falls, Idaho and is a true cat lover! She owns three cats of her own and first emerged in the animal care field working in a veterinary office for 9 years. She then leaped into the animal rescue world serving a local humane society for 7 years before she came to SRAS. She is intuitive to the needs of the cats in our care and does a phenomenal job thinking up creative ways to promote our feline friends to help them get placed in new loving homes. Candice is a huge asset to SRAS and keeps the kitty’s in the shelter healthy and happy.

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